What is By Referral Only?

Consultant vs. Salesperson

Most real estate salespeople do business as if they will never see or hear from you again.  They rush through the process and don’t give you the individual attention that you deserve.  It can be just like a cab driver who asks “Where ya headed?” Sometimes they’ll get you safely to your destination and sometimes…well, let’s just say they like to get you there as fast as humanly possible so they can get on to their next fare.

We have adopted a particular philosophy of doing business called By Referral Only. Our way of doing business is to think of our relationship with a client as a long-term association not for just a “quick fare” like the many “cab drivers” out there.

The majority of our business comes to us from referrals…friends, former clients, and our trusted vendors.  Because these people have dealt with us in the past and have seen first-hand the high level of service and commitment we provide to our clients, there is very high level of trust when a new client relationship is formed.

Our goal is to do 100% of our business “By Referral Only” with referred people who trust our skills and counsel. The only way for us to accomplish that is by exceeding your expectations by delivering a level of service to you that you have never experienced.

It’s important to us that our clients know that we have their best interests in mind. We tell the truth, work diligently on your behalf and provide you with the best experience possible.  Again and again, we’ve found that people prefer to work this way.  Our concern is about our clients’ well-being, their goals and what is best for them…always.

Our Clients are in Complete Control!

We work for you…period.  There is never pressure to accept an offer or make an offer that’s not right for you.  You are in control. To go back to the taxi analogy, sometimes those cab drivers try and recommend “short cuts” that end up leaving you far short of your goal.  We will never do that.

That means: trust in our integrity, in our level of skill and market knowledge to do the best job possible and trust in our commitment to put the needs and requirements of our clients first.

    1. We listen to what you have to say. We want to know what your concerns are, what questions you have and how we can best help you! We are concerned that you be educated and informed about the market that you are confident you’re making the right decision for YOUR personal circumstances.
    2. Once you realize that we won’t be pressuring you into doing anything, there’s a major turning point in our relationship and trust has been established between us. You will be more open with us; more comfortable sharing with us what really matters to you and that, in turn, allows us to better advise you and to give you options.
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