Click on the links below for information on each Duxbury school:

Chandler School (Grades PreK-2)

Alden School (Grades 3-6)

Duxbury Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Duxbury High School (Grades 9-12)

Bay Farm Montessori Academy

Berrybrook Preschool

Pilgrim Childcare and Preschool

South Shore Conservatory Preschool

2016 Duxbury Public Schools Ranking

Additional Duxbury Links


Alden House Museum

Drew Archival Library

Duxbury Art Complex Museum

Duxbury Rural and Historical Society

Ellison Center for the Arts

South Shore Conservatory



Foodie’s Supermarket

Island Creek Oysters – The Shop

Rock Paper Scissors Toy Store

Sportworks Limited

The Studio of Duxbury


Duxbury Beach Preservation Society

Duxbury Business Association

Duxbury Clipper

Duxbury Fire Department

Duxbury Free Library

Duxbury Police

Duxbury Town Information

Current Duxbury Weather

Duxbury Tide Chart

Duxbury Survival Guide

I have a 2016 Duxbury Survival Guide that showcases many local vendors.  Send me an email at liz@macdonaldwood.com and I will mail you one!

Video:  Duxbury Teaser Reel

Video:  2016 Duxbury Real Estate Market

Video:  Why Duxbury (the South Shore's Best Kept Secret)?

Exclusive Dubxury Town Advisor Video

I am the Exclusive Town Advisor Agent for Duxbury.  Town Advisor helps buyers find out information on particular towns and has videos to help show town attributes.

Play the video below to help you to get a feel for the special town of Duxbury.